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  • ADT 8020系列雙軸晶圓切割機
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      The ADT 8020 Dicing Saw has two facing spindles that can simultaneously dice wafers at high throughput. ADT 8020 is a high accuracy system that can dice workpieces of up to 8-inch in diameter, at high performances and low cost of operation.


      Flexibility - Supports Hub and Hubless blades up to 3" O.D.

      Spindles of 1.8 kW or 2.4 kW high power (for challenging applications)

      Superior vision system with continuous zoom magnification

      Intuitive operation interface using a large 19” touch screen monitor

      雙軸晶圓切割機8020系列應用范圍 :

      The 8020 operates with the ADT intuitive New graphic User Interface (NUI), and includes two touch-screens: a 19” monitor for the main screen and a 17” monitor maintenance screen. The maintenance screen assists with performing system setup procedures, blade change and some basic maintenance operations.

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