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  • NORDSON MARCH AP-600Plasma System
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      Nordson AP-600 Plasma System Features:

      Touch screen control and graphical user interface give real-time process information 

      Flexible shelf architecture allows processing of a wide variety of piece parts, components or carriers 

      13.56 MHz RF generator with automatic matching network delivers excellent process repeatability

      Convenient facility hook-ups for periodic calibration requirements used in validation processes

      Nordson AP-600 Plasma System Benefits:

      State-of-the-art plasma treatment in a compact, bench-top configuration

      The AP-600 system from Nordson MARCH is designed to deliver exceptionally uniform plasma cleaning and treatment with unmatched ease of operation, reliability and low cost.

      The AP-600 system is completely self-contained, requiring minimal bench space. The system chassis houses the plasma chamber, control electronics, 13.56MHz RF generator, and the automatic matching network (only the vacuum pump is external to the system). Maintenance access is provided through an interlocked door or removable panels.

      The plasma chamber is constructed of high-quality aluminum with aluminum fixtures for superior durability. The plasma chamber supports up to 7 removable and adjustable powered or grounded shelves to accommodate a wide range of piece-parts, components, and part carriers including magazines, trays, and boats.

      Plasma cleaning, surface activation and adhesion improvement 

      The AP-600 system is suitable for a wide variety of plasma cleaning, surface activation and adhesion improvement applications. These capabilities are used for semiconductor manufacturing, microelectronic packaging and assembly, and by manufacturers of medical and life science devices. 

      The AP-600 system can accommodate a wide range of process gases including argon, oxygen, hydrogen, helium, and fluorinated gases. The system comes standard with two electronic mass flow controllers for optimal gas control, with another two available optionally (four total max.).

      Nordson AP-600 Plasma System Specifications:



      W x D x H – Footprint

      569W x 869D x 704H mm

      (22W x 34D x 28H in.)

      Net Weight

      221 kg (487 lbs)

      Equipment Clearance

      Right, Left, Front -569 mm (22 in.), 

      Back – 254 mm (10 in.)


      Maximum Volume

      50.4 liters (3076 in3)

      Variable Electrode


      Power-Ground, Ground-Power, Power-Power

      Number of Electrode Positions


      Electrode Pitch

      25.4 mm (1 in.)


      Powered Working Area

      330W x 330D mm (13W x 13D in.)


      Working Area

      368W x 330D mm (14.5W x 13D in.)

      Floating Working Area

      330W x 330D mm (13W x 13D in.)

      RF Power

      Standard Wattage

      600 W


      13.56 MHz

      Gas Control

      Available Flow Volumes

      10, 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 sccm

      Maximum Number of MFCs


      Control &Interface

      Software Control

      PLC Control with Touch Screen Interface

      Remote Interface

      PlasmaLINK, ProcessLINK

      Vacuum Pump

      Standard Wet Pump

      19.5 cfm with Oxygen Oil Mist Eliminator

      Optional Wet Pump

      19.5 cfm with Corrosive Oil Mist Eliminator

      Optional Purged Dry Pump

      22 cfm

      N2 Purged Pump Flow

      2 slm


      Power Supply

      110 VAC, 20A, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 

      12 AWG, 3-Wire or 220 VAC, 10A, 

      50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 12 AWG, 3-Wire

      Process Gas 

      Fitting Size & Type

      6.35 mm (0.25 in.) OD Swagelok Tube

      Process Gas Purity

      Lab or Electronic Grade

      Process Gas Pressure

      0.69 bar (10 psig) min. to 1.03 bar 

      (15 psig) max., regulated

      Purge Gas Fitting Size & Type

      6.35 mm (0.25 in.) OD Swagelok Tube

      Purge Gas Purity

      Lab or Electronic Grade N2/CDA

      Purge Gas Pressure

      2 bar (30 psig) min. to 6.9 bar 

      (100 psig) max., regulated

      Pneumatic Valves 

      Fitting Size & Type

      6.35 mm (0.25 in.) OD Swagelok Tube

      Pneumatic Gas Purity

      CDA, Oil Free, Dewpoint ≤7°C(45°F),

      Particulate Size<5 μm

      Pneumatic Gas Pressure

      3.45 bar (50 psig) min. to 6.89 bar 

      (100 psig) max.,regulated


      38 mm (1.5 in.) OD Pipe Flange



      S2/S8 (EH&S/Ergonomics)


      CE Marked



      Gas Generators

      Nitrogen, Hydrogen

      (Requires Additional Non-Optional Hardware)


      Chiller, Scrubber

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